Inspirations – Post-FNRttC Ponderings…

So now I’ve popped my long-distance-cycling cherry (no giggling at the back, 50-odd miles is far for me!) and it’s left me wondering… what’s next?

An accurate map of England and Wales with the principal roads from the best authorities

I’m not particularly competitive, so going faster is only really important to me in so much as allowing me to do things I couldn’t do otherwise, and it’s more about the journey and the achievement than getting a medal or a prize. Well so far, here are a few ideas I’ve had:

  • The classic, long-way-off, Lands End to John O’Groats. A fortnight of 60-mile days, and realistically a whole lot of planning and organisation (not to mention cost).
  • Driving/train-catching somewhere then going cycle camping. Probably leaving the car at my mother’s house in Worcestershire and heading into Mid Wales. Picturesque, but probably a bit lonely.
  • Taking part in more organised rides such as Audax UK.
  • … Or just doing stupid stuff like getting up on Saturday morning and cycling the 90-ish miles to London, having a well-earnt pint and catching a train home.

Got any other ideas?


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