July and August Mileage Summary

Due to both cycling and blogging laziness, I completely failed to do mileage summaries for May and June. Indeed, apart from the Friday Night Ride to the Coast I only managed less than 30 miles in May, and I didn’t touch the bike at all in June. Obviously this makes me a bad, bad person.

But on to July, and I got back on it with a vengeance. Fuelled by a new-found desire to not still be fat when I’m thirty (more on my weight loss journey in another post) I started pushing myself more to get back on the bike, and being able to “earn” my calories in order to silence the cake cravings has been incredibly helpful. I did no “special” riding in July, just after-work and weekend rides on my own, but started upping both the pace and distance on my rides really started to pay dividends. All in all, it totalled up to 142 miles and a little over ten hours of riding in the last fortnight or so of July.

August was really when it started to fall back into place for me cycling-wise, and led to my highest ever monthly mileage on the bike. It was also when I began to have the confidence in my legs to get out of Swindon and do something other than just riding my bike for the sake of riding and getting fit. I cycled to Westbury and back over a couple of days to see a friend and of course there was the colossal sixty-odd mile Friday Night Ride to the Smoke. In total I spent a whopping 26 hours on the bike in August, and I can’t imagine my monthly mileage beating August’s total of 337 miles!

Looking forward into September, well… who knows. It’ll largely be dictated by the weather, I guess, as we roll relentlessly into autumn. Fingers crossed…


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