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March 2012 Mileage Summary

Well, my first full month back on the bike after a longer-than-acceptable absence hasn’t been too bad.

Thanks to a decent bit of commuting and a little trip around London for Critical Mass with a few YACF forumites, I managed to sneak over 150 miles for the month. I can’t complain at at average speed of just over 10mph either – not bad for a fat lad!

Speaking of weight, burning all of these calories has been largely cancelled out by the “EAT ALL THE THINGS!!” appetite I’ve had over the last month. I think I may have lost a pound or two since the end of February, but that’s all. Hopefully my appetite will calm down a little in April and I can start losing a bit of the excess baggage. Current weight is 15st 11lbs – not really an ideal cycling weight.

Targets for next month are simple – more miles, more quickly. This should be pretty easily achievable; a couple of changes to the bike have made it a touch quicker, such as slimmer almost-slick tyres and ditching the mudguards, and my stamina is building up again so my weekend rides are getting further and faster.

So let’s see where things stand this time next month!